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Gather your tones,

Hold your heart,

Tap your feet,

Get ready to Dance!



Lucky is the one,

Moves of whom,

Get out with emotions.

Keep the  eyes low,

Head above in  the skies.

Let the bosom experience,

Wind puffing those vibes.



With a waist uncurled,

And ankles above the floor,

A dancer attends to the tunes ,

His ears pushing through.



Hold his hand,

Grab his fingers,

Loose your body,

In his arms.

Look at his lips,

For they might singing,

Some bewitching song.



Rest your soul,

In his trance,

Forget your limits,

Just Dance dance dance!!


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Sweet September ^ ^












My thoughts got WORDS,

My tunes got LYRICS,

My dreams got WINGS,

September ended with facts UNSEEN.



I roamed like a WANDERER,

Craving for a little INSPIRATION.

I travelled like a NOMAD,

In search of some SETTLEMENT.

This September set me free from my SUBJUGATION. 



A trumpet of love and FRIENDSHIP,

Aired feelings UNKNOWN.

A song of rain and WIND,

Exposed me to things UNCONTROLLED.



With a happy MOOD,

I now express my DESIRES.

In a blissful MODE,

Heart accepts, what it ACQUIRES.

With a fresh aspect, this September ENDS,

Giving way to events, I ADMIRE. 😉



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In quest of peace,

I take a step, to a world unknown.

In search of bliss, heart skips a beat,

As I find everything surrounding me is gone.



This venture in such place,

Feels great.

Being anonymous for a while,

Is what demands this distract mind.



No, no,no..

Don’t search me in any crowd.

I don’t want to be found.

Also don’t wait for me,

For I am still in doubt.



Negotiations were not helping anymore.

That’s why I took the step to the door.

Spirits  need to be gathered once again,

That wouldn’t be possible in a world insane.



Anonymity, in a way is good.

A little space from the world,

Fills the gaps and sets the mood.

Like a kite you can fly,

Like a kitten you may cry.

Anyhow, if you feel ready, you can go back,

To catch the track, you before left.


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Beyond the boundaries


Boundaries are invisible to me,

For I don’t think eerily.

Flying is all I know,

Careless, carefree, to and fro.

They keep fighting over borders, castes and religions.

To stop they created some barriers.

But it affects me not, as my wings are of a traveller.

What I can see around,

Is only and only an endless sky,

Which is unbound.

Though I tried, tried really hard,

Still my waves hardly listen.

And cross the edges,

Fast, furious and quite harsh.

They try to cut me into pieces,

Fasten my waves to some inches.

Also they act like I am a mother!

Yes, I am one,

But the one who hardly ever shudders.

Trust me, I am everywhere.

Sometimes in the groves, somewhere in the gardens,

And high up on the hills.

Neither I like much of your attention,

Nor I am ready to blow unknown.

Whirling, fluttering and whisking,

My breezes blow above the horizons, that you proudly own.

” Boundaries do not keep people out, but they fence us in.”


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 Born with the curse of poverty,

In a pit of a Hell,

I never got the chance to dream like,

Everyone else.

Always haunted by the phantom of tomorrow,

I wasn’t allowed to dream,

But was someone who just grow up,

Chasing a gleam.

One fine day, they came to me,

Telling me, I can also live.

And have a right to dream.

Endowed me a book in my hand,

And a meal in other to keep me going unrestrained.

I learnt how to write,

Had a daily meal to eat with pride.

 I began to see,

 Even in the darkness of night.

 Finally, I started hoping a Life.

Every next day,

Was an adventure in itself.

My journey from home to school,

Was like hell to heaven.

As we say,

Good days are rare,

 And bad ones keep stare,

One common day,

They served us poison,

Carelessly or consciously,

Which I don’t know.

But they killed the spirit,

Inside a nurturing Soul.

They killed that single hope,

Which I fear,

Will hardly ever grow!



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Media’s Mediocrity


Another heated discussion nowadays is about the twenty-five year old Bollywood actress ‘Jia Khan’ who committed suicide in her flat few days ago in Mumbai, India. I saw the news on television on some channel, then on another and then another and so on. It spread like a virus on all the news channels within half an hour. They began showing special telecasts and reports dedicated to Jia’s death like it’s the only important thing happened all over the world, when instead, they could have shown a five-minute report on it and that would have been enough for our dumb public to know who she was and how she died. Period.

But yet a VIP like preference was given to her after her death while she was alive, no body seemed interested! Anyways, I am here talking about the standards of  Media which is dropping day by day and so is their ability to inform the nation. The level of reporting, the terminology, the reports and many other things which are being dished out to us is nothing but quite nonsense. Media these days is overwhelming every stupid and insignificant activity. The special telecasts about Jia Khan’s death were like a documentary on her not so inspiring life. Several stupid melodramatic names were given to them (of course to get the attention of audience) to even more highlight the whole suicide thing. What was more ridiculous and senseless about the documentaries was that the news channels were humiliating Jia’s already tortured soul by broadcasting her revealing and exposing scenes  from the movies she worked in. And not only that, they were also playing the songs and item numbers she did in Bollywood in which she was revealing most of her body. ( Well..don’t blame me for writing this, I too was shocked at such low-mindedness).

There are several people in this country who commit suicide every other day but not a single report is shown about their sufferings and no one seems to talk about the conditions in which they died. Media is blaming the glamorous world and the inside loneliness of Jia’s life. But they must note the fact that every other youngster in this country is fighting an inside battle and is combating with psychological issues like loneliness, depression and inferiority but not every one of them is ending his or her life, in fact they are dealing and battling a war each and every day of their life. Sometimes they win and sometimes not, that’s the way life should be lived as long as it is there with us. But Media do not features such lives, what is important for them is to congregate the Masala (spice in someone’s life or action) and create a shit out of it.Yes, that’s what they do.

Freedom of Media is considered important but now it is hampering every other person’s life who switches on his television and gets humiliated after watching the repeat telecasts of stupidity. This fact must not be overlooked, for Media plays the biggest role of communication in every nation. From resources, it has been heard that a twelve-year boy gets himself killed after watching the crime diary of Jia Khan’s suicide. What can be more intimidating about it? Media is accountable for it and also the actress herself is somewhere responsible for the boy’s death for taking such a foolish step. She should have understood the value of life but unfortunately she couldn’t. Everyone goes through their share of sorrows but to end a life, just to put a full stop to the hardships of life is never a solution. Media’s main goal has become to increase the business in place of fulfilling their duty of awaking the country. If this will be continued in the upcoming years, then I strictly advise to make a gap from such News channels.

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An Urge to Write a Poem

My best one till date!! 😀

Play On Words


An abrupt stimulation captures the body,

As suddenly as it could.

Before the body understands the urge to write a poem,

Words start pushing the mind in a quantum.

Sensations and feelings overwhelm the mind absolutely,

While the words keep coming like a flood,

With none making sense at all,

Make the mind numb,

And hamper it’s leisurely stroll.

Slowly the mind reacts to the actions of the body

Through a deep and tranquil contemplation.

It starts fastening the flood of words

With those irresistible emotions,

As to seek an escape from this world.

Contemplation then bless the mind

With a proper motive to write.

That is how the poem finds its beautiful way,

And comes to life.

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Casa Coorg

On May 16th 2013, we set out on our journey to Coorg, a hill station which is at a distance of 247km from Bangalore. It was my first outing with my family. Being a resident of Rajasthan, I am fed up with the deserts and high temperature. I crave for a place surrounded by trees, soft breezes with a peaceful atmosphere and wonderful weather and thanks to my elder brother, he made this dream come true by planning my trip to Bangalore and Coorg. The thing I loved most about this trip was our stay at Casa Coorg. The place is just perfect for a holiday with family or friends. Being surrounded by many species of trees and shrubs, one can experience every shade of green near it, plus the aroma of coffee plantation will totally grab you. We travelled the whole day and were really exhausted when we arrived there at 8:00 PM and trust me it seemed like a pearl shining in the middle of a forest. The interior of the house fascinated me. The way it was maintained taking care of each and every element and comfort, right in the lap of  Nature, was just superb. The hosts were a retired military couple- Bharat and Pearl, who were very friendly and caring. It didn’t feel like at all that we were at some unknown place, miles away from our actual home. The food was homemade and cooked by Pearl herself and when I had a look at those dishes, I wasn’t much pleased because they were my least favourite and I often prevent myself from eating those vegetables but when I tasted it, it was incredibly yummy and wonderful. I could never imagine those things can ever taste this awesome! Seriously hats off to her cooking. Furthermore the landscapes around it, the soft breeze, chirping birds with hot cup of coffee ,variety of trees and almost everything about it was captivating. It is an excellent destination for a holiday away from the hustle bustle of city life to spend some quality time with your near and dear ones. I thoroughly enjoyed my journey to Coorg but this place impressed me more than everything else and therefore it  will always be a part of my memory lane. 🙂

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May You Rest in Peace…


A star in the dark,

Rain in the drought,

A light in the path,

Like spring in desert,

You were the hope of the town.

No word or action could ever describe you and your deeds,

And the knowledge you imparted always.

With you gone forever,

This town has suffered a huge loss.

You might be dead for all,

But your knowledge is alive and will always be.

Thus, you live, you live in our hearts eternally.

The heaven is blessed today,

For they have gained a gem.

It’s just a note to say,

As you move into a new venture,

I wish you farewell and will miss you till my end! 




They say, “Some people come into our lives and quickly go while some stay for a while and leave their footprints forever”. The same I can say for my Literature teacher and now when he is no more with us, I feel unfortunate. I dedicated my very first blog to him two years ago when I started this blog. This post is a tribute to him. May his soul  rest in peace.

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Ashtami Pujan During Navratri..

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Navratri is a festival of nine days celebrated all over in India,  in which people worship nine forms of ‘Goddess Durga’. People celebrate these nine days by fasting for all nine days and worshipping the Goddess in her different forms. On the eighth or ninth day of Navratri, there is a tradition of serving girls, the Prasad which is prepared as an offering to the deity and with that some gifts are also presented to them. This year, I followed the ritual with great interest and remained on fast on the seventh day and opened my fast on Ashtmi pujan i.e the eighth day of Navratri. I prepared everything on my own and enjoyed it so much today! 🙂


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