A burden too heavy


‘Private tuitions’  are something every student must have gone through, if he or she has done his schooling in India. Nowadays, this tendency is spreading out a lot more than old times as I encounter everyday among students while working in a school. Well, it’s not like I am in denial of private tuitions  absolutely, but yes,  I have a point. I have witnessed this thing that earlier only those students who were used to be weak in any one or two subjects were sent by their parents for taking extra classes after school or the so-called ‘private tuitions’. If a class have thirty students, then the students who used to take tuitions on a regular basis were not more than fifteen or ten, which was very low compared to a time we are facing now. This private tuition stuff was only limited to classes from higher to secondary. But with the changing scenario, I am shocked to see and find it very uncomfortable to digest  but this trend has branched out all over from Kindergarten to College level. This came as a disheartening fact to me, when I saw kids who are just in kindergarten or primary classes and yet,  they are attending private tuitions and that too on a regular basis after school, which means they have no time for self-study or any other recreational activities. It’s like their little minds never take any rest or even break. They have to work hard or I can say double even at such age only because their parents do not have enough time to teach them at home and some do have a bunch of free hours in their hands but they hardly care about spending it with their kids and work hard to make them learn things at home. Parents, these days have become so much engrossed in their own lives (personal or social) that they declare a six-year-old taking the pains of private tuitions after attending six hours of school, valid and justifiable. They don’t feel that school is enough for a pupil to learn and understand. Moreover, sometimes they expect more than what should be expected from a kid at that age.  I find it very disappointing to spend the most innocent and carefree time of your life i.e the childhood in such a drastic manner. 

Even though I agree that private tuitions are helpful at some point of your schooling specially from higher school to secondary ( not for everyone), as students come across different issues every now and then in that period. In some cases, it might also prove a huge help also, since in a class of more than thirty, it becomes tough for a single teacher to take care of every student individually. You can’t held a teacher responsible for that because the teacher student ratio in a class  is what often overlooked in almost every school. But it really breaks my heart,  when I see them still making mistakes even after taking the  important private tuitions after long hours of school. The burden of bags and books on their back with the burden of six hours of school plus two hours of tuitions make them look like they are sailing in two boats at the same time. This is harmful for the natural growth of their minds and body. These days students are so much under pressure of study that they are forgetting day by day the value of leisure time or some free time to play and have little bit of fun. This is a very serious issue if we look into it.

In my class, I have twenty-five students and sad it is to say, but almost twenty among them attend a private tuition daily after school. Those innocent minds are at such tender age that they don’t even understand what they are going through, what sort of life they are living and what kind of wonderful experiences they are missing out by living such miserable lives. With that, one more thing I observe is that such students hamper the understanding of the remaining five who depend only on school and teachers for study. Though the twenty of them always remain ahead of whatever has been taught in the class but they keep shouting again and again in order to respond first whenever a teacher is teaching a topic in class and thus make it hard for those five to perceive. This particular thing annoys a teacher also and thus makes the teaching environment bitter. Sometimes, it becomes so uneasy for us to tackle them and make them understand that if they understand or know an answer, then let their mouth shut for a while until the teacher has made his point and the rest of them actually grasp that point instead of just moving their heads in a fake yes throughout a period. With these private tuitions thing going on side by side, students will never be able to understand the value of self-study, plus the parents also lose a chance to connect with their ward and experience some really beautiful moments together. I declare myself lucky that I wasn’t forced to live a life like that by my parents in my childhood and was brought up in a really free atmosphere which is essential for the natural growth of any child.


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