On a Rainy Night

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On a rainy night,

It went something like this,

When the hearts got stick,

And the souls themselves restrict,

Propagated love.

Love that was unknown,

Touch that made them spellbound,

A kiss spontaneous,

An embrace so tenacious,

And thus the souls entwined,

On a rainy night.

Hard it was for her,

But the arms were so dense,

And the passion was strong.

Lust didn’t allow to move,

Salacity asked them to stoop.

So they kept it going,

And lost each other,

In a cuddle, so warm.

On a rainy night,

Things went above the par.

Moments were lovable,

Lock was serene.

Tongues were tied,

Due to the beauty unseen.

Eyes weren’t watching,

Ears weren’t listening

But the head could hear,

A language of Love,

A dialect of tears,

And an accent of cheer,

On a rainy night,

This is how Love appeared.



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2 responses to “On a Rainy Night

  1. Ankie

    Y m i still single… ???? haha. . . Naaicoooo!

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