Words unsaid,

Things unheard,

This silence,

Loosing mind,

Might be an invitation 

For something to happen.





Like an only lamp in the dark,

Your gestures are the only thing that spark.

A sweet poison sometimes it seems,

As if, it hauls me into a dream.



Daydreaming  I know,

Is  never good.

Overdose of love and care,

Hurts badly.

Moments want me to speak, to trust, to love and to fall again.

But courage is lost,

Lost somewhere hard to find.



May be someday,

With someone,

I might learn to love again,

I might laugh again,

I might live again.



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4 responses to “Lost

  1. Akanksha

    This is Lovely.. short, simple words…but deep meaning 🙂

  2. Swati

    I think…You already laugh a lot…

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