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Waiting for YoU


Mornings, days and nights,

Look for moments, yet to arrive.

A day with you,

Full of joy and love, is yet to survive.

In thy arms,

I long to die.

In thy eyes,

Tears want to dry.

In thy soul,

Thirst crave to liquefy.

A day, 

A time,

A point,

Where even death cannot scare me off from you.

A stage,

A season,

A juncture,

Where nothing else matters except love that is so true.

Have waited this long,

Can wait even more.

Will wait till you show,

And prove everything else wrong.


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October 18, 2013 · 1:14 pm


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Gather your tones,

Hold your heart,

Tap your feet,

Get ready to Dance!



Lucky is the one,

Moves of whom,

Get out with emotions.

Keep the  eyes low,

Head above in  the skies.

Let the bosom experience,

Wind puffing those vibes.



With a waist uncurled,

And ankles above the floor,

A dancer attends to the tunes ,

His ears pushing through.



Hold his hand,

Grab his fingers,

Loose your body,

In his arms.

Look at his lips,

For they might singing,

Some bewitching song.



Rest your soul,

In his trance,

Forget your limits,

Just Dance dance dance!!

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