Sweet September ^ ^












My thoughts got WORDS,

My tunes got LYRICS,

My dreams got WINGS,

September ended with facts UNSEEN.



I roamed like a WANDERER,

Craving for a little INSPIRATION.

I travelled like a NOMAD,

In search of some SETTLEMENT.

This September set me free from my SUBJUGATION. 



A trumpet of love and FRIENDSHIP,

Aired feelings UNKNOWN.

A song of rain and WIND,

Exposed me to things UNCONTROLLED.



With a happy MOOD,

I now express my DESIRES.

In a blissful MODE,

Heart accepts, what it ACQUIRES.

With a fresh aspect, this September ENDS,

Giving way to events, I ADMIRE. 😉




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2 responses to “Sweet September ^ ^

  1. Akanksha

    Lovely…. 🙂

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