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In quest of peace,

I take a step, to a world unknown.

In search of bliss, heart skips a beat,

As I find everything surrounding me is gone.



This venture in such place,

Feels great.

Being anonymous for a while,

Is what demands this distract mind.



No, no,no..

Don’t search me in any crowd.

I don’t want to be found.

Also don’t wait for me,

For I am still in doubt.



Negotiations were not helping anymore.

That’s why I took the step to the door.

Spirits  need to be gathered once again,

That wouldn’t be possible in a world insane.



Anonymity, in a way is good.

A little space from the world,

Fills the gaps and sets the mood.

Like a kite you can fly,

Like a kitten you may cry.

Anyhow, if you feel ready, you can go back,

To catch the track, you before left.



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