Beyond the boundaries


Boundaries are invisible to me,

For I don’t think eerily.

Flying is all I know,

Careless, carefree, to and fro.

They keep fighting over borders, castes and religions.

To stop they created some barriers.

But it affects me not, as my wings are of a traveller.

What I can see around,

Is only and only an endless sky,

Which is unbound.

Though I tried, tried really hard,

Still my waves hardly listen.

And cross the edges,

Fast, furious and quite harsh.

They try to cut me into pieces,

Fasten my waves to some inches.

Also they act like I am a mother!

Yes, I am one,

But the one who hardly ever shudders.

Trust me, I am everywhere.

Sometimes in the groves, somewhere in the gardens,

And high up on the hills.

Neither I like much of your attention,

Nor I am ready to blow unknown.

Whirling, fluttering and whisking,

My breezes blow above the horizons, that you proudly own.

” Boundaries do not keep people out, but they fence us in.”



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2 responses to “Beyond the boundaries

  1. Akanksha

    Lovely…… 🙂

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