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Media’s Mediocrity


Another heated discussion nowadays is about the twenty-five year old Bollywood actress ‘Jia Khan’ who committed suicide in her flat few days ago in Mumbai, India. I saw the news on television on some channel, then on another and then another and so on. It spread like a virus on all the news channels within half an hour. They began showing special telecasts and reports dedicated to Jia’s death like it’s the only important thing happened all over the world, when instead, they could have shown a five-minute report on it and that would have been enough for our dumb public to know who she was and how she died. Period.

But yet a VIP like preference was given to her after her death while she was alive, no body seemed interested! Anyways, I am here talking about the standards of  Media which is dropping day by day and so is their ability to inform the nation. The level of reporting, the terminology, the reports and many other things which are being dished out to us is nothing but quite nonsense. Media these days is overwhelming every stupid and insignificant activity. The special telecasts about Jia Khan’s death were like a documentary on her not so inspiring life. Several stupid melodramatic names were given to them (of course to get the attention of audience) to even more highlight the whole suicide thing. What was more ridiculous and senseless about the documentaries was that the news channels were humiliating Jia’s already tortured soul by broadcasting her revealing and exposing scenes  from the movies she worked in. And not only that, they were also playing the songs and item numbers she did in Bollywood in which she was revealing most of her body. ( Well..don’t blame me for writing this, I too was shocked at such low-mindedness).

There are several people in this country who commit suicide every other day but not a single report is shown about their sufferings and no one seems to talk about the conditions in which they died. Media is blaming the glamorous world and the inside loneliness of Jia’s life. But they must note the fact that every other youngster in this country is fighting an inside battle and is combating with psychological issues like loneliness, depression and inferiority but not every one of them is ending his or her life, in fact they are dealing and battling a war each and every day of their life. Sometimes they win and sometimes not, that’s the way life should be lived as long as it is there with us. But Media do not features such lives, what is important for them is to congregate the Masala (spice in someone’s life or action) and create a shit out of it.Yes, that’s what they do.

Freedom of Media is considered important but now it is hampering every other person’s life who switches on his television and gets humiliated after watching the repeat telecasts of stupidity. This fact must not be overlooked, for Media plays the biggest role of communication in every nation. From resources, it has been heard that a twelve-year boy gets himself killed after watching the crime diary of Jia Khan’s suicide. What can be more intimidating about it? Media is accountable for it and also the actress herself is somewhere responsible for the boy’s death for taking such a foolish step. She should have understood the value of life but unfortunately she couldn’t. Everyone goes through their share of sorrows but to end a life, just to put a full stop to the hardships of life is never a solution. Media’s main goal has become to increase the business in place of fulfilling their duty of awaking the country. If this will be continued in the upcoming years, then I strictly advise to make a gap from such News channels.


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An Urge to Write a Poem

My best one till date!! 😀

Play On Words


An abrupt stimulation captures the body,

As suddenly as it could.

Before the body understands the urge to write a poem,

Words start pushing the mind in a quantum.

Sensations and feelings overwhelm the mind absolutely,

While the words keep coming like a flood,

With none making sense at all,

Make the mind numb,

And hamper it’s leisurely stroll.

Slowly the mind reacts to the actions of the body

Through a deep and tranquil contemplation.

It starts fastening the flood of words

With those irresistible emotions,

As to seek an escape from this world.

Contemplation then bless the mind

With a proper motive to write.

That is how the poem finds its beautiful way,

And comes to life.

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