Casa Coorg

On May 16th 2013, we set out on our journey to Coorg, a hill station which is at a distance of 247km from Bangalore. It was my first outing with my family. Being a resident of Rajasthan, I am fed up with the deserts and high temperature. I crave for a place surrounded by trees, soft breezes with a peaceful atmosphere and wonderful weather and thanks to my elder brother, he made this dream come true by planning my trip to Bangalore and Coorg. The thing I loved most about this trip was our stay at Casa Coorg. The place is just perfect for a holiday with family or friends. Being surrounded by many species of trees and shrubs, one can experience every shade of green near it, plus the aroma of coffee plantation will totally grab you. We travelled the whole day and were really exhausted when we arrived there at 8:00 PM and trust me it seemed like a pearl shining in the middle of a forest. The interior of the house fascinated me. The way it was maintained taking care of each and every element and comfort, right in the lap of  Nature, was just superb. The hosts were a retired military couple- Bharat and Pearl, who were very friendly and caring. It didn’t feel like at all that we were at some unknown place, miles away from our actual home. The food was homemade and cooked by Pearl herself and when I had a look at those dishes, I wasn’t much pleased because they were my least favourite and I often prevent myself from eating those vegetables but when I tasted it, it was incredibly yummy and wonderful. I could never imagine those things can ever taste this awesome! Seriously hats off to her cooking. Furthermore the landscapes around it, the soft breeze, chirping birds with hot cup of coffee ,variety of trees and almost everything about it was captivating. It is an excellent destination for a holiday away from the hustle bustle of city life to spend some quality time with your near and dear ones. I thoroughly enjoyed my journey to Coorg but this place impressed me more than everything else and therefore it  will always be a part of my memory lane. 🙂


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