A letter I never posted..

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Million of words running through this mind,

Yet the lips are unable to combine.

Overwhelmed with sentiments,

Hands pick themselves up,

And dared to write in a letter,

All that is locked inside.

May be, for the mind cannot bear the burden anymore.

That’s the way it is and will always be.

My disposition for you never really changed,

Though, I pretended oppositely .

This letter does not suppose any response.

Today I have gathered some courage,

To say things in this letter smoothly,

Which I must post now.

But as I take a step ahead,

The feet become numb,

And a chill runs down my heart,

Blowing away the courage,

It has been collecting  from years.

You left bidding farewell forever,

While I kept waiting,

Holding a letter, I never posted.


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