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Delhi gang rape case is the most talked about thing everywhere in India nowadays. It has become one of the most devastating gang rape so far in India which has moved the heart of almost everyone. It shows how insane one could become when we talk about rapes and sexual violence in our country. It’s a shame of our nation worldwide and a very severe insult for every Indian who takes pride in being a part of a nation like India. A girl is harassed mentally, physically, sexually when she is raped and that in our country is a matter of shame only for the girl who has been raped. It’s an unspeakable horror, but if anyone dares to speak against the culprits our police officers suppress and hold the matter back as much as they can and not only that they even tip the girl a silent move from being insulted in this damned society.

Besides, this country is full of contradictions. At one hand women is considered sacred, angelic and a one man’s property for her whole life and at the other hand she is raped and harassed in every possible way by a bunch of bastards in a moving bus and not only that she is even destroyed and strangled and thrown like a piece of paper from that moving bus! At one point we talk about women empowerment in our parliament sessions when in fact she is still forced and manipulated  to remain in her  god damned limits and bottom lines. At one side people are now supporting that very girl through putting some stupid black dots display pictures on their profiles and lightning candles whereas on the other side  no one dared to come forward and at least cover her spoiled body when she was thrown nude from that bus. Somebody tells them brightening up their minds will be more helpful rather than brightening up candles. From this point of view, our cultured nation is nothing but just a place full of rotten, wacky, insane people.






Its time to bring a major change in our thinking  and our so-called values and customs. It would be better if people start teaching their boys not to rape instead of telling a girl when and how she should carry herself whenever she goes out. Every one else is praying for the girl’s health now but seriously I do not think our ludicrous society is going to let her live even if she survives her physical and mental injuries. People are now pretending that they care and have a soft corner for her and they are highly shocked about such an outrageous treatment toward girls but it’s just a matter of time and we will see everyone falling apart and getting busy in their own lives.

From generations to generations, we have been hearing slogans like-“MERA BHARAT MAHAN”, ” I LOVE MY INDIA”, ” BHARAT MATA KI JAY”…AND BLAH BLAH… As everybody knows it shows how great and civilized our country has been since don’t know when. We are always proud of being a part of a nation which is  rich in its cultural heritage and civilization but is it really so? I guess we all know how true the slogans are! Pretending to care is not going to help now but a serious action taken at the right time might make things sound and appropriate.






I am she, the one you see every now and then,

In a bus or a train, jam-packed with men,

Suffering with the scars and trauma,

Which has become the part of my afflicted memory lane.

I might be your daughter, wife  or mother.

The agony is apparent only,

If anyhow anyone bother.

Fed up of this life,

That is filled with fear and pain.

It is time to bring some change,

And hit the bastards in their own terrains.

Because its time to bring some change.



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