Afraid of the Day

A few years back, I planted a seed.

When it started growing,

I began feeling happy, for what I did.


A charming sweet rose,

In my garden bloomed.

I saw my life,

Was being perfumed.


If I were God,

I would have stopped the time by now.

I really don’t know,

To live without it how.


Now my little flower has grown to its extreme beauty,

So the gardener is more concerned about its safety.

These hands have nourished you, pampered you.

I still don’t believe,

Same hands are going to give you away, to the one you never knew.


My heart skips a beat,

Mere at the thought of this.

All I ever think about now is,

You are going to leave me one day,

And that is the thing,

Why this poor gardener,

Afraid of the day.

( From a Father to his Daughter)



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4 responses to “Afraid of the Day

  1. surbhi

    wow u r awsome charvi 🙂

  2. Akanksha

    speechless……really touched. 🙂
    thanks for this awesome writing.

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