Goodbye Summer…


You came gently,

Like you were walking on your toes.

No body could see or feel you around,

As you veiled yourself up to your nose.

We never understood, If you were frightened.

Or was just trying to keep up the trend ?


When you unfolded the mystery off your face,

We saw Winter leaving fast and frail.

Your eyes were glowing like fire,

Yet the calmness inside them was perfectly clear.


Behind you were hiding your lovely little friends,

Whom you call, the rain and the wind.

They appear time to time,

And act together  for which we all pine.


O Beautiful Summer !

We all are enthralled by your beauty.

Refreshed, elated and happy,

We want you with us forever, with this constant simplicity.

But you are always too carefree to listen  and too difficult to handle.

Even If we crave, you are going to leave, without making any exception.


It’s time for you to leave us again.

We bid you farewell, O beautiful Summer,

Hope to see you soon and wait for the Winter to begin.



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4 responses to “Goodbye Summer…

  1. Akanksha

    lovely….love the summers too 😛 😀

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