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Afraid of the Day

A few years back, I planted a seed.

When it started growing,

I began feeling happy, for what I did.


A charming sweet rose,

In my garden bloomed.

I saw my life,

Was being perfumed.


If I were God,

I would have stopped the time by now.

I really don’t know,

To live without it how.


Now my little flower has grown to its extreme beauty,

So the gardener is more concerned about its safety.

These hands have nourished you, pampered you.

I still don’t believe,

Same hands are going to give you away, to the one you never knew.


My heart skips a beat,

Mere at the thought of this.

All I ever think about now is,

You are going to leave me one day,

And that is the thing,

Why this poor gardener,

Afraid of the day.

( From a Father to his Daughter)



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Goodbye Summer…


You came gently,

Like you were walking on your toes.

No body could see or feel you around,

As you veiled yourself up to your nose.

We never understood, If you were frightened.

Or was just trying to keep up the trend ?


When you unfolded the mystery off your face,

We saw Winter leaving fast and frail.

Your eyes were glowing like fire,

Yet the calmness inside them was perfectly clear.


Behind you were hiding your lovely little friends,

Whom you call, the rain and the wind.

They appear time to time,

And act together  for which we all pine.


O Beautiful Summer !

We all are enthralled by your beauty.

Refreshed, elated and happy,

We want you with us forever, with this constant simplicity.

But you are always too carefree to listen  and too difficult to handle.

Even If we crave, you are going to leave, without making any exception.


It’s time for you to leave us again.

We bid you farewell, O beautiful Summer,

Hope to see you soon and wait for the Winter to begin.


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A Work Full of Satisfaction

Being a student, I have seen hundreds of students laughing and making fun of their teachers and lecturers( not to mention, I was one of them too). But here, I would like to make a small confession about this ‘always laughed at’ job.

Now, being in the shoes of that same teacher, I certainly want to state that this is one of those hundred job that leaves you sufficiently satisfied, when your day gets over.

This is not only a job, for those, who by all means wanted to be a teacher or lecturer but something definitely more than that. It’s like a job plus a step towards altruism. Even when you are not adequately paid for it, you are blessed with a thing way more precious than that. And which is exactly the point that differs it from most of the other jobs, the contentment you get after teaching a student is beyond any comparison.

With this, one more thing that I experienced in these days of my student-teachership is that  teaching in a well-furnished high level public school would not be that much satisfying as much as teaching in a school just contrary to that. It is really a disheartening matter of fact that the students of these schools do not get proper education as they are supposed to get, not even close to that. The education scenario in such institutes, is mean and flimsy.What turns me even more off about it is that the children in such schools are much more interested in earning knowledge than our Public schools’ students but unfortunately they are not getting their proper share of education.

Spending such quality time with them makes me feel proud and complacent because I am doing a job worth-while. So I proudly say that there is no other job, like teaching which provides you with more fun and satisfaction than this one and I am really glad to be a part of it. Loving it so far. 🙂


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