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Keep breathing…

From person to person,

I sense a kind of insecurity.

A fear which asks them to resist the change.

And to reside always in their already set range.


Afraid of moving on,

And not to let go of the things we crave for,

Adds to the problem,

Thus, force to live inside that comfort zone.


But moving on plays a role so important,

What it demands is only a bit of indulgence.

The only way to cope with the complexities of this life,

Is to keep breathing.

Take a breath in, take a breath out.

And Just like that,

Let the things in and let them go out.


When you move on,

Do it with a little bit of pride.

Like, you don’t need this world,

But, it is the world that needs you,

Calm, serene yet full of life.


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Shower your blessings O sweet little Krishna…

Celebrated the birthday of the cutest child ever….Shri Krishna.:)

Happy Janmashtmi!


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