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Between You And Me….

Days have become weeks, weeks have become months.

Months are now going to be a year.

But something unvoiced is still there,

Between you and me.

You are blowing with the winds,

I am trusting my instincts.

Both of us are going apart,

With similar ache in our hearts.

Sometimes I wonder,

Does this distance really matter?

Between you and me.

One day, while walking in the crowd,

I felt something very familiar.

And for one more time, we were together.

Neither your lips uttered anything, nor I tried to say.

The only thing that conversed,

Were our eyes which refused to blink on that day.

And for a moment we realized, what it is,

Between you and me.

Frantically I tried to gather my wits and go another way,

Only to find that you held my hand and your eyes forced me to stay.

I was refraining myself from being so close to you once again.

But somewhere, I knew, I was trying in vain.

For I was already captured by the feeling,

Between you and me.

Calm, empty, yet so deep,

These were the gestures, your eyes offered me to read.

The silent conversation of hearts conveyed everything which lips couldn’t.

Then something within struck.

And, one more time, I slip myself into a sweet oblivion.

Things have been changed so far, and as we grew apart,

I recognized, your love is your art.

And that is why distance does not matter,

Between you and me.



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