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Flying Low

Indian space research organization is in the hands of dogs. Shocked ? Well, don’t be, for the reports and data collected concerning this, tell the same story. Our Indian space research organization has not been able to manage to get any worthwhile international projects from some last thirty months. The engineers are running out of their schedules and are paid for sitting idle in their offices.

The former chairman, G. Madhavan Nair says that, ” ISRO is in the hands of dogs and the last international projects named- SARAL, a french satellite and SPOT-6, a satellite built by Astrium, were won duing his tenure as the chairman of ANTRIX, ISRO’s international marketing arm”.

Moreover, ISRO itself has accepted the truth. Since Nair’s retirement, the organization has not been able to win any major contracts at international level. The last major satellite-HYLAS, a modern communication satellite was launched in 2010 from the European Space agency. It was the last major project launched by ISRO.

Since then we have been launching micro and mini satellites for neophytic nations. And the shameful fact coming forward is that even those countries which are green horns in space science and have good relations with India are now evading which is even more shameful in the international arena.

ISRO’s Spokesman, S.Satish says,” We are in discussions with international agencies for fabricating and launching satellites”. But it’s just a way to stop peeping of media into the working of our so called space research organization.

Also It has been learnt that ISRO’s engineers have already started looking for new jobs. The organization’s engineers are compared to lazy dogs who are running behind their schedules and are wasting a hell lot of money of India’s economy. If this continues any longer, India would lose it’s share of credibility all over the world. This is a clear warning to the talents of India and the delaying of missions is an absolute shame for the whole country as well as a threat to our economic system.


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