In Utter Loneliness..

It is in utter loneliness that creativity blossoms.

Thoughts blow away your mind,

Confinement of feelings and ideas seems almost impossible.

Creativity knocks at your door.

It’s upon you- if you understand the opportunity,

And originate the best out of it.


There was a time when you were dying to meet yourself,

And have a little communication with your personal self.

Now, when the moment has finally arrived,

You are not bothered to do what is right.


This is irony which life is filled with.

Almost everything comes when, You make the shift.

Solitariness is no more desirable nor it is tolerable.

Although it’s the point of time, you can do things adorable.


You shouldn’t be worried ,

But must enjoy it,

For creativity is still standing at your door,

Waiting for you to cry your heart out.

Then you would realize yourself, that no body has got it all,

Life is just a blend of rise and fall.



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16 responses to “In Utter Loneliness..

  1. surbhi

    waah 4v awsome ..

  2. Neeru

    I loved it 🙂

  3. Akanksha

    i m Amazed…:D

  4. Thank u all of you…your comments are precious and encouraging…love you..keep doing that for me always..:)

    • Rahul

      Wow awesome .. keep on blogging .. One day u will be supper blogger .. ull feel proud of ur past accomplishments ………
      “When passion drives you , you are unstoppable when other kind of pressure drives you , failure is inevitable .Let your passion blossom .”

  5. rajagrawal104

    This one is a “Killer”…lovely stuff 🙂 🙂

  6. Thanks 🙂 keep reading.

  7. SWATI


  8. Thanks…lub youu swatiii..:P

  9. Sangeet

    Nice work…you should pen down a few more 😛

  10. swati

    Now I can read your poems in office hours too..:)

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