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In Utter Loneliness..

It is in utter loneliness that creativity blossoms.

Thoughts blow away your mind,

Confinement of feelings and ideas seems almost impossible.

Creativity knocks at your door.

It’s upon you- if you understand the opportunity,

And originate the best out of it.


There was a time when you were dying to meet yourself,

And have a little communication with your personal self.

Now, when the moment has finally arrived,

You are not bothered to do what is right.


This is irony which life is filled with.

Almost everything comes when, You make the shift.

Solitariness is no more desirable nor it is tolerable.

Although it’s the point of time, you can do things adorable.


You shouldn’t be worried ,

But must enjoy it,

For creativity is still standing at your door,

Waiting for you to cry your heart out.

Then you would realize yourself, that no body has got it all,

Life is just a blend of rise and fall.



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Finally Dead !

You don’t have any idea, how the hell it feels.

Having thousands of ring tones buzzing around,

Kill all my desires and dreams.

I was the only hero of their lives.

Until you become common, and threatened me to thrive.

Your ringtone is not less than a death song to me,

And thus I declare you my wildest enemy.

There were days of my name and fame,

And you take the calls as if it is a game.

Sometimes I feel like killing you, but then I see each one around holding you.

I get utterly disturbed, when they say holding me-” Call me on my mobile oh stupid you!”.

It hurts, it aches, your every tone almost kills me inside.

Yes I am calling, your own Landline. 😦


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Love silently…

The door bell rings twice, as if the person outside is asking, ” What have you been doing the whole day without me that even at this late hour you are not eager to open the door? “. Meanwhile the door opens and a girl in a pink saree appears, her faintly gleaming attire and glowing waist takes his breath away for a moment. And she lets him enter the house which he feels, after her arrival, is not less than a palace.

Taking his laptop and mobile phone, she says, “Shona you are late again. We have been married for just one month and you are running out of time. This is so not done! Anyways go and change, dinner is ready”.

Man is really tired and can’t even manage to go to the dining table and have dinner with her wife. But the girl understands the situation and  sits beside him.  Apprehending his weariness,  she flicks his hair and he sits on the bed holding her close to him. She tenderly feeds him bite after bite just like a mother. As soon as they finish, she changes the shimmering saree into a black striped beautiful, appealing nightie. Musing over whether she should initiate or not, she loosens her hair with delicate hands as though stretching them a bit harshly will prick them away.

She is not sure of her man’s mood and need of the time and unexpectedly she senses a hand daintily caressing her back and is observing her each desire through this electrifying touch. Such is the love she wanted tonight, impulsive and gentle.

In a moment, her husband holds her tightly beneath him and starts perceiving her face , her body and her heart through his lips and hands. He clutches her hands into his own and keeps kissing her for sometime. She has already closed her eyes and is devouring slowly each moment of their love-making. They are totally lost in each other’s touch. It’s an ecstatic moment for both of them which words and phrases cannot relate. The only thing they crave is to be together forever. It’s just a matter of time and the girl rightfully rests her head on her pillow which is her man’s chest and she kisses him as if to say, ” Darling no matter whatever we come across, you will always find me by your side”. The girl moves upward and kisses his forehead which is a sign that they should sleep now and he is the best man she could ever get. They sleep in the warmth of each other’s arms, the man covers her body like a blanket and they sleep…..

Morning arrives, the curtain in the room swirls moderately with the light breeze outside and  at the same time, sunlight enters the room which was filled with their love’s fragrance and the girl opens her eyes, sits up on her bed, her lips curl slightly and then it breaks into a full-fledged smile when she realizes softly the beautiful dream she saw last night.


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