Required : Education Revolution

Education is the key for the overall development of any country. Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) results are out and have shown the level of education on international scale that is given to the students of India. It’s not anything shocking but something which has been pointed out several times before but no body was bothered enough to look into the matter, as India is a hub of issues like that and until the problem flabbergasts people, no one acknowledges.

Students here give the highest number of examinations from their pre-nursery to their post-graduations. They are born to take exams. In spite of taking exams almost half of our lives, we scored the second lowest rank in the world-wide test of reading, maths and science. Our students are really in a pitiable condition, it’s a matter of disgrace for everyone who is teaching and who are being taught. Reasons behind it are the declining trends of education. Education has taken the form of a full-fledged business now. Money matters to both sides, students as well as teachers.

Let us talk about the teachers who are appointed to shape our country’s future. Teachers are no more interested in teaching but in earning profits as much as they can through means like tutions, coaching, extra classes etc. In order to be a teacher, one has to pass a specialization exam ( B.ed) that is considered as the trademark of teaching, and cracking which, is not a big deal. And the income of a teacher is more than satisfactory, so that is what inspires and drives people to be a teacher and not any personal choice or goal of being a teacher. So anyone who could not get through the toughest of exams and somehow lagged behind, becomes automatically eligible and willing to teach. Basically the problem starts here, people who have no other alternative left for their careers, come into schools as our teachers and hence, we can estimate with that what would be the level of their teaching. ‘Dedication’ that is of utmost importance in any job (specially in teaching) is not present in today’s teacher. They are there because of the high incomes and lesser work they are presented with, without caring about students’ welfare.

After that comes the students , who are themselves also responsible for their declining level of understanding and knowledge. Students instead of going to schools and learning things, join tutions and coaching institutes, where they are made to cram topics in place of thoroughly interpreting them. The reason, students give in this context is that their teachers do not teach in schools and their teaching is not up to the mark and that impels them to join tutions and resort to other sources which might be able to help them in attempting in their examinations well.

Students who still attend schools, do not care to study but come only to enjoy themselves with their companions and therefore school is more like a place to get together. Few of them who intend to learn and are capable of doing things on their own are being trodden by their depraved and hoggish teachers. The overall problem with students is that they don’t want to understand things, work hard and get knowledge but keep on hankering after a short way or tricks to success. The only thing they endeavor is to get maximum marks in exams whether by cramming  or copying or through some other immoral way. Thus, in this way again, the level of education suffers harshly.

It is a very serious problem persisting in our nation. When education becomes a trade, things worse than that occur. No body is bothered about it yet and the very thing is quite disheartening. Changes are firmly needed in this direction. Quality improvement must be done in the educational system because until high quality education is imparted to students, little will change.



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6 responses to “Required : Education Revolution

  1. Shweta

    I agree with this when it comes to the teachers part. It is sad, and now if anyone says they want to be teachers they are looked at with disbelief. Those who can’t do teach, as they say. The world’s attitude to teachers has changed because of such people.

    But it is not the student’s fault. Yes, they don’t study. But then they don’t choose to go to tuitions or classes themselves. They have their parents who make these decisions for them. The teaching methods and standards need to improve and the portion needs to be up to date so the student’s would be interested and can apply it to their daily lives.

    Nice post. Keep sharing! :]

  2. Thanks..and keep reading..:D

  3. Abhishek Kumar

    awesome…… luvd it….. nice going… keep it up

  4. surbhi

    awsome n vry true

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