Freedom of Speech..

The topic of censoring internet is a subject of heated discussion nowadays. Our telecom minister Mr. Kapil sibbal has offended all internet users by proposing such a ludicrous move of censoring the social networking sites that contain offensive material which may hurt or misled public. Millions of people spend half of their time on social networking sites and it is more like a second home for them. If he is talking about censoring the objectionable material or whatever then in some way he is suppressing our freedom of speech and is restricting people from their own houses . And talking about our freedom of speech, well,  we all know how free our free speech is! Our minds are already censored. For example- while we come across any objectionable scene in some movie, we may talk about it with our friends and colleagues but not in front of our children and younger ones. It is appropriate for us to share a dirty joke with our buddies ; but it is not suitable to share it with our elders or orthodox relatives. It depends on a person that how he maintains his thinking and his dos and don’ts. We are already subjected to a form of censorship and we censor our speech and behaviour all the time often without knowing about it. Our so called Free Speech is free only up to a limit and that limit is the ear of that person, we are intended to hear it.

The minister argues that he has received several complaints concerning the material being posted there which has offended a number of politicians and groups. And now when he has asked sites like Google and Facebook to monitor the data posted there which is of course not feasible enough, his statement could be considered as disreputable on the part of India as a whole. He must understand that it relies on our own minds to decide what should be seen and accepted and what is inappropriate. It is not a matter of strictness or censoring the media but of common courtesy and understanding of right or wrong. Human minds are fundamentally supervised by the sense of  morals and decency. Further censorship will only provoke chaos and can make the matter worse instead of bettering it.


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