Amazon Kindle : A better way to read


Like other gadgeteers out there, I am not a technology freak. The gadgets I have seen till date,  my thinking was always like ” Certainly its good, but I can manage without it too as I always do. ” I have seen people who are hugely in favour of buying a gadget,  even if it costs even more than what it is made for. Buying gadgets has become a fashion statement nowadays.  Well I still do not understand how could anyone be ready to spend that much.  Spending a good deal of money on gadgets was never my choice until I was familiarized with this new sensation – “Amazon Kindle.”  I am totally infatuated by this new gadget in market. It is like re-kindling your passion for reading. For the second time, after mobile phones I am so enticingly fascinated to any technical wonder. Reading an ebook was something I always tried to avoid but when I saw kindle- the ebook reader, and its beautiful temptable features I was rocked !

Amazon has stepped-up with their new product” Kindle” an electronic book reader and it is really a gadget worth buying. Almost every book is available as an ebook on the internet but to read them on laptops or desktops was always a headache for me. So I always preferred the paperbacks as they can be read in any suitable position and can be easily carried anywhere. But this particular gadget has changed the whole scenario. I am enjoying my ebooks on it and trust me it still feels like a wonder. We can download any book, magazine, blogs, newspapers. It operates on a 3g network just like your cell phones.  Plus it has this dictionary which tells you all the meanings , the very second you click it. There is no need to open your cellphone dictionary during reading and then type a word and then scroll through all the words. All you have to do is to just take the cursor on that word by pressing one or two keys and you have all that you want. It is such a huge help in improving your vocabulary. Often we feel too lazy to search a word in a dictionary or to type a word in our phone’s dictionary while we are reading but now we have another good choice that needs no effort at all. This is one of my favourite features of Kindle. You can download stuff, you can carry a library of books with you anywhere and it is quite portable and light enough to carry or to be hold for long hours. It is lighter than a typical paperback. Its black and white screen gives it a look similar to that of a book.  Another astonishing quality of kindle is that it can be read in sunlight unlike your mobile phones and laptops. So this winter I am gonne enjoy my reading in mild wintry sunlight with this fascinating Kindle. It has added a kind of joy to my reading habit. Thanks to Amazon !


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  1. Akanksha

    hmmm..nice charu 🙂

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