Teenage: now a sweet memory













Everybody grows up and so did I. Whenever I think about where in these twenty-one years I spent   the coolest time in life, only one word I hear my heart answers back and that is – my exquisite teenage. God…. the mere thought of it makes me smile and wonder why that age ever ended!  There was one thing that makes it matchless. The complacency which I used to have about everything that time is now entirely missing.

There were no special incidents happened with me but my daily life, which then seemed to me tedious, now feels like utterly perfect. Going school everyday,doing the pending homework with shaking hands in bus, chatting throughout the periods, laughing at the boys, bitching about fellow girls, silent gazes, giving lame excuses, leg pulling, giggling all through the day, breaking rules, bunking classes ,coming late, consistent visits to toilets, secret plans, bicycle rides with friends, useless discussions, filling slam books, teasing your best friend for her first crush, nick-naming each other, talking in code language in front of elders, dealing with the first pimple and all that teenage stuff now at this age appears to me amazingly fascinating.

Teenage brings itself number of happenings that makes life extremely inordinate. Moving out of restrictions, experiencing the romantic side of your own, telling lies for little things,variations in mood, getting hurt on some stupid matter are some basic occurrences of it.

But that time while being a teenager, I had no time to think about those changes closely.Everyday was a day of absolute bliss. Gradually I felt how that teenage life disappeared and left me mature.There was a contentment or a comfort with my own activities although they were wrong enough to commit but today even my rightest doings hardly bestows me with that same comfort.All through the day it gets difficult to deal with this ongoing mental deliberation and still getting no ease of mind.

Teenage has now become a sweet, splendid memory of time which I can only think about and smile for a while.Today it looks like nothing is changing in everyday’s life but when I look behind, everything since then has been totally changed.And I truly pine for my teenage which I know would never come back in any way.



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5 responses to “Teenage: now a sweet memory

  1. swati

    That was a good part of our life…but best one is waiting for us…

  2. Purushottam

    yes though the incidents were not so special but also it was the best time of life :D.

    Nice and very true fact of teenage.

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