Hidden Pleasures

We always keep figuring out what life has given us? Have we got a hold of what we always wanted to have?
Have we achieved the rapture which we always dreamt of ? Is that aim or person  today with us, whom we were chasing half of our lives? Why do we always long for things or people who have not been created for us? Why after carrying out everything impeccably and actuating every dream, we are not happy? What has been left?These are some queries that obstruct our minds at one time or another and provoke discontentment in us. This stage later transforms into depression or restlessness. The answer of all above uncertainty is pleasure and happiness for which we have done every possible thing and are yet wandering for the same.Our minds are stuck up with the notion of getting peace and happiness for the rest of our life. We perpetually keep running after those things which we think could provide us with the same happiness.Meanwhile we neglect those minor things in life which can give us  plenty of enjoyment and satisfaction. We keep on overlooking such minute things which are actually worthy of having significance. Despite feeling the pleasure we gain from them, we don’t care for them and keep chasing the big or that eternal bliss which in fact never prevails.Happiness is hidden in that moment when we walk bare-foot after the rain feeling the wet grass among our toes. It can make us forget every anxiety though for a few minutes.The pleasure is there when you are sitting alone on a bench in a beautiful morning and can count or listen each heart beat that you can never imagine of doing in your organized set up.

Comfort lies in that night when the sky is full of stars and we are lying under them feeling the light blowing wind on our cheeks.

Happiness comes on its own when you help somebody wholeheartedly and that very person smiles at you.

It is hidden in that moment when you are lying calm and quiet in your bed after waking up, and thinking about what is next.
It is in the sips of that morning tea which we prepare on our own.

Bliss is there when your mother feeds you after a long time by her own hands which are full of love and care.
It is present there when you are sleeping in embrace of your loved one for a whole night and can feel the sensation and warmth of their love.

It is hidden there when we get together with our best friends after a year or more and enjoy all our gone years in that particular meeting.

We keep on moving ahead in search of that happiness everywhere which in real lies within us and within every small moment of life. We are not bothered about these short but unreasonably blissful and beautiful periods of time. Life has blessed all of us with these small pleasures but most of us are too blind and ignorant towards it which is certainly pathetic. Yearning for the biggest, getting the best of all, excessive enrollment in daily chores etc are some reasons why those utterly beautiful moments are spent unnoticed. Life  is small and these small things which are actually the source of real happiness must be observed and enjoyed otherwise it is no more than a blind race for getting the big.


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