Reservation – a blot

India needs jobs not reservation

Meaning of the term reservation in India :- The term reservation refers to the act of reserving or something that is kept back or withheld in favor of the socially, educationally and financially backward communities or scheduled castes and tribes.A fixed quota system is followed here in all public and private educational institutions and also in case of public sector jobs.
Origin of the concept:- This concept is not today’s innovation, it was introduced long before independence in favour of backward classes to eradicate poverty and to bless them with their due share in the state administration. After India gained independence , the constitution stated some erstwhile groups as scheduled castes and tribes. The framers of the constitution believed that, they were under- represented in the nation building activities. Therefore the constitution laid down 15% and 7.5% of vacancies to government aided educational institutes and jobs in the government / Public sector as reserved quota for the SC and ST candidates respectively for a period of five years, after which the situation was to be reviewed. This period was regularly extended by the succeeding governments.
Complications concerned with reservation:- Since so many years reservation has been become the blot on our country’s face. This perception was announced in order to mitigate the differences between upper and lower class of people and to give proper recognition to the backward communities of Indian society by our constitution framers. That time situation was different, society was totally based on caste basis, those backward classes were badly oppressed by general people, no respect and value was given to them in society, moreover they were strictly in need of something like reservation that would surely assist them to propagate their own identity.
But complications emerged when the succeeding governments never looked upon the real condition of those backward classes. They must have investigated and analyze the present situation but instead of doing this, they kept on extending the reservation quota for them of course for obtaining political favor,even when they were not the one who befitted for it. Step by step the condition worsened more and more and today just because of their negligence ,the general category people are suffering harshly.
It is really bothering that whenever any minority group goes on strike or protest for their rights then our leaders accept their so called demands and false reasons in order to gain their votes and hence suffers our education system and other general people who works hard day and night to get the same position which they acquires without even giving 50% of effort for that same place. This is critically shameful for them as well as for our political leaders who goes with this concept of reserving seats for any minority group. We agree that there were differences in past, society was dissected but today situation is not similar, no body takes any minority group with a biased view today. When caste becomes the criteria for selection, how can anyone expect to get what is due to him or her. Our government says that it can balance and equalize the condition by increasing seats but then it is the quality of education that suffers. It is admittedly contemptible to say that our government is following
the same policy of “ divide and rule” even after independence in their own country just to satisfy their own affairs.

Solution:- India is a democratic country where everyone is free and equal. This is what our one of the fundamental rights declares too.For all the above issues, “reservation” is definitely not the justified solution.Therefore this reservation approach must be dropped. No one except the people from BPL families or those which are physically challenged should be given any kind of reservation in any of field. This is an open invitation of creating disparity among various group which further calls disputes and conflicts. There is one and only simple solution of this problem and that is no reservation for any minor
or backward community. Since past these exploited and oppressed  groups have been upgraded to a great extent and thus there is no more need of any relaxations or reservations for them . Only this way each individual would get what he deserves.And substituting reservation with any other way would only mean deteriorating the level of education.


                                            We already do not have a yielding educational system and with having reservation in it, it becomes worse. One more thing I would like to point out in this reference that India firmly needs jobs not reservations. No matter how many candidates get higher education on any basis, but the thing is there are considerably less jobs than what India actually wants.Government should act on this matter in place of giving consonance to reservation . Also with this, quality education should be imparted to youth, so that it would help them to develop employment for their own.

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