Reality shows; season 1, 2,3 4….What the heck is going on !

Our television sets today have become shit pots. I mean what do they provide us in a whole day? A bunch of  reality shows( which have got no reality at all), some repeat telecasts of those same reality shows, some moronic laughter shows where except the audience and the viewers everyone is laughing, some rotten daily soaps, breaking news which only breaks everybody’s expectations about this country like price hikes, bomb blasts, exploitation in every field, reservations for some minor castes, income tax raids and much more heart breaking issues.This way our t.v sets are no less than any shit pots.

Anyways concentrating on the topic, talking about the Indian Television, there was a time when television was the only source of entertainment and it did entertain people through its confined but versatile shows. Today the scenario is not quite the same. These reality shows have taken over everything. “Reality shows”- was definitely a nice concept when it was started. It impressed most of the audience.  But as we cannot eat the same dish everyday no matter how delicious it may be likewise no one can watch the same thing over and over again. The  Problem started when they begun making its different seasons.

Let me tell some examples- ” kon banega crorepati season 3″, ” Big Boss season 4″, ” Chak dhoom dhoom season 3″, ” Aja nach le season 2″, ” Khatron ke khiladi torchaar”,” India got talent season 4″,” Roadies 3″, blah blah blah…I mean what can be more annoying than this. Look at their guts, they are sure enough that their viewers would increase more and more every year despite of their serving the same dish with just different garnishing. And see what they serve us, same judges, same hosts, same costumes, same challenges to deal with (well every challenge appears same after a while),  same criteria of choosing and eliminating candidates. Now even our topmost favorite actors and models have failed badly in dragging us to sit continuously for three or two hours in front of t.v and watch what the hell is going on. This is just not enough for them, they keep making their seasons every year which is loathsome in its own.

Every time you turn on any channel and it displays repeat telecast of some sluggish reality show. They have totally destroyed the charm and the fascination of our television. Most of them are copied and a few bore to death plus they have got no reality altogether and that is why it sucks.

Our government is considerably an expert in putting banns and prohibitions to things which they speculate is not good enough for people to watch. I wish they do embed a full stop to these endless seasons of reality shows.


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