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Amazon Kindle : A better way to read


Like other gadgeteers out there, I am not a technology freak. The gadgets I have seen till date,  my thinking was always like ” Certainly its good, but I can manage without it too as I always do. ” I have seen people who are hugely in favour of buying a gadget,  even if it costs even more than what it is made for. Buying gadgets has become a fashion statement nowadays.  Well I still do not understand how could anyone be ready to spend that much.  Spending a good deal of money on gadgets was never my choice until I was familiarized with this new sensation – “Amazon Kindle.”  I am totally infatuated by this new gadget in market. It is like re-kindling your passion for reading. For the second time, after mobile phones I am so enticingly fascinated to any technical wonder. Reading an ebook was something I always tried to avoid but when I saw kindle- the ebook reader, and its beautiful temptable features I was rocked !

Amazon has stepped-up with their new product” Kindle” an electronic book reader and it is really a gadget worth buying. Almost every book is available as an ebook on the internet but to read them on laptops or desktops was always a headache for me. So I always preferred the paperbacks as they can be read in any suitable position and can be easily carried anywhere. But this particular gadget has changed the whole scenario. I am enjoying my ebooks on it and trust me it still feels like a wonder. We can download any book, magazine, blogs, newspapers. It operates on a 3g network just like your cell phones.  Plus it has this dictionary which tells you all the meanings , the very second you click it. There is no need to open your cellphone dictionary during reading and then type a word and then scroll through all the words. All you have to do is to just take the cursor on that word by pressing one or two keys and you have all that you want. It is such a huge help in improving your vocabulary. Often we feel too lazy to search a word in a dictionary or to type a word in our phone’s dictionary while we are reading but now we have another good choice that needs no effort at all. This is one of my favourite features of Kindle. You can download stuff, you can carry a library of books with you anywhere and it is quite portable and light enough to carry or to be hold for long hours. It is lighter than a typical paperback. Its black and white screen gives it a look similar to that of a book.  Another astonishing quality of kindle is that it can be read in sunlight unlike your mobile phones and laptops. So this winter I am gonne enjoy my reading in mild wintry sunlight with this fascinating Kindle. It has added a kind of joy to my reading habit. Thanks to Amazon !


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Reality shows; season 1, 2,3 4….What the heck is going on !

Our television sets today have become shit pots. I mean what do they provide us in a whole day? A bunch of  reality shows( which have got no reality at all), some repeat telecasts of those same reality shows, some moronic laughter shows where except the audience and the viewers everyone is laughing, some rotten daily soaps, breaking news which only breaks everybody’s expectations about this country like price hikes, bomb blasts, exploitation in every field, reservations for some minor castes, income tax raids and much more heart breaking issues.This way our t.v sets are no less than any shit pots.

Anyways concentrating on the topic, talking about the Indian Television, there was a time when television was the only source of entertainment and it did entertain people through its confined but versatile shows. Today the scenario is not quite the same. These reality shows have taken over everything. “Reality shows”- was definitely a nice concept when it was started. It impressed most of the audience.  But as we cannot eat the same dish everyday no matter how delicious it may be likewise no one can watch the same thing over and over again. The  Problem started when they begun making its different seasons.

Let me tell some examples- ” kon banega crorepati season 3″, ” Big Boss season 4″, ” Chak dhoom dhoom season 3″, ” Aja nach le season 2″, ” Khatron ke khiladi torchaar”,” India got talent season 4″,” Roadies 3″, blah blah blah…I mean what can be more annoying than this. Look at their guts, they are sure enough that their viewers would increase more and more every year despite of their serving the same dish with just different garnishing. And see what they serve us, same judges, same hosts, same costumes, same challenges to deal with (well every challenge appears same after a while),  same criteria of choosing and eliminating candidates. Now even our topmost favorite actors and models have failed badly in dragging us to sit continuously for three or two hours in front of t.v and watch what the hell is going on. This is just not enough for them, they keep making their seasons every year which is loathsome in its own.

Every time you turn on any channel and it displays repeat telecast of some sluggish reality show. They have totally destroyed the charm and the fascination of our television. Most of them are copied and a few bore to death plus they have got no reality altogether and that is why it sucks.

Our government is considerably an expert in putting banns and prohibitions to things which they speculate is not good enough for people to watch. I wish they do embed a full stop to these endless seasons of reality shows.

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Reservation – a blot

India needs jobs not reservation

Meaning of the term reservation in India :- The term reservation refers to the act of reserving or something that is kept back or withheld in favor of the socially, educationally and financially backward communities or scheduled castes and tribes.A fixed quota system is followed here in all public and private educational institutions and also in case of public sector jobs.
Origin of the concept:- This concept is not today’s innovation, it was introduced long before independence in favour of backward classes to eradicate poverty and to bless them with their due share in the state administration. After India gained independence , the constitution stated some erstwhile groups as scheduled castes and tribes. The framers of the constitution believed that, they were under- represented in the nation building activities. Therefore the constitution laid down 15% and 7.5% of vacancies to government aided educational institutes and jobs in the government / Public sector as reserved quota for the SC and ST candidates respectively for a period of five years, after which the situation was to be reviewed. This period was regularly extended by the succeeding governments.
Complications concerned with reservation:- Since so many years reservation has been become the blot on our country’s face. This perception was announced in order to mitigate the differences between upper and lower class of people and to give proper recognition to the backward communities of Indian society by our constitution framers. That time situation was different, society was totally based on caste basis, those backward classes were badly oppressed by general people, no respect and value was given to them in society, moreover they were strictly in need of something like reservation that would surely assist them to propagate their own identity.
But complications emerged when the succeeding governments never looked upon the real condition of those backward classes. They must have investigated and analyze the present situation but instead of doing this, they kept on extending the reservation quota for them of course for obtaining political favor,even when they were not the one who befitted for it. Step by step the condition worsened more and more and today just because of their negligence ,the general category people are suffering harshly.
It is really bothering that whenever any minority group goes on strike or protest for their rights then our leaders accept their so called demands and false reasons in order to gain their votes and hence suffers our education system and other general people who works hard day and night to get the same position which they acquires without even giving 50% of effort for that same place. This is critically shameful for them as well as for our political leaders who goes with this concept of reserving seats for any minority group. We agree that there were differences in past, society was dissected but today situation is not similar, no body takes any minority group with a biased view today. When caste becomes the criteria for selection, how can anyone expect to get what is due to him or her. Our government says that it can balance and equalize the condition by increasing seats but then it is the quality of education that suffers. It is admittedly contemptible to say that our government is following
the same policy of “ divide and rule” even after independence in their own country just to satisfy their own affairs.

Solution:- India is a democratic country where everyone is free and equal. This is what our one of the fundamental rights declares too.For all the above issues, “reservation” is definitely not the justified solution.Therefore this reservation approach must be dropped. No one except the people from BPL families or those which are physically challenged should be given any kind of reservation in any of field. This is an open invitation of creating disparity among various group which further calls disputes and conflicts. There is one and only simple solution of this problem and that is no reservation for any minor
or backward community. Since past these exploited and oppressed  groups have been upgraded to a great extent and thus there is no more need of any relaxations or reservations for them . Only this way each individual would get what he deserves.And substituting reservation with any other way would only mean deteriorating the level of education.


                                            We already do not have a yielding educational system and with having reservation in it, it becomes worse. One more thing I would like to point out in this reference that India firmly needs jobs not reservations. No matter how many candidates get higher education on any basis, but the thing is there are considerably less jobs than what India actually wants.Government should act on this matter in place of giving consonance to reservation . Also with this, quality education should be imparted to youth, so that it would help them to develop employment for their own.

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Teenage: now a sweet memory













Everybody grows up and so did I. Whenever I think about where in these twenty-one years I spent   the coolest time in life, only one word I hear my heart answers back and that is – my exquisite teenage. God…. the mere thought of it makes me smile and wonder why that age ever ended!  There was one thing that makes it matchless. The complacency which I used to have about everything that time is now entirely missing.

There were no special incidents happened with me but my daily life, which then seemed to me tedious, now feels like utterly perfect. Going school everyday,doing the pending homework with shaking hands in bus, chatting throughout the periods, laughing at the boys, bitching about fellow girls, silent gazes, giving lame excuses, leg pulling, giggling all through the day, breaking rules, bunking classes ,coming late, consistent visits to toilets, secret plans, bicycle rides with friends, useless discussions, filling slam books, teasing your best friend for her first crush, nick-naming each other, talking in code language in front of elders, dealing with the first pimple and all that teenage stuff now at this age appears to me amazingly fascinating.

Teenage brings itself number of happenings that makes life extremely inordinate. Moving out of restrictions, experiencing the romantic side of your own, telling lies for little things,variations in mood, getting hurt on some stupid matter are some basic occurrences of it.

But that time while being a teenager, I had no time to think about those changes closely.Everyday was a day of absolute bliss. Gradually I felt how that teenage life disappeared and left me mature.There was a contentment or a comfort with my own activities although they were wrong enough to commit but today even my rightest doings hardly bestows me with that same comfort.All through the day it gets difficult to deal with this ongoing mental deliberation and still getting no ease of mind.

Teenage has now become a sweet, splendid memory of time which I can only think about and smile for a while.Today it looks like nothing is changing in everyday’s life but when I look behind, everything since then has been totally changed.And I truly pine for my teenage which I know would never come back in any way.


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Hidden Pleasures

We always keep figuring out what life has given us? Have we got a hold of what we always wanted to have?
Have we achieved the rapture which we always dreamt of ? Is that aim or person  today with us, whom we were chasing half of our lives? Why do we always long for things or people who have not been created for us? Why after carrying out everything impeccably and actuating every dream, we are not happy? What has been left?These are some queries that obstruct our minds at one time or another and provoke discontentment in us. This stage later transforms into depression or restlessness. The answer of all above uncertainty is pleasure and happiness for which we have done every possible thing and are yet wandering for the same.Our minds are stuck up with the notion of getting peace and happiness for the rest of our life. We perpetually keep running after those things which we think could provide us with the same happiness.Meanwhile we neglect those minor things in life which can give us  plenty of enjoyment and satisfaction. We keep on overlooking such minute things which are actually worthy of having significance. Despite feeling the pleasure we gain from them, we don’t care for them and keep chasing the big or that eternal bliss which in fact never prevails.Happiness is hidden in that moment when we walk bare-foot after the rain feeling the wet grass among our toes. It can make us forget every anxiety though for a few minutes.The pleasure is there when you are sitting alone on a bench in a beautiful morning and can count or listen each heart beat that you can never imagine of doing in your organized set up.

Comfort lies in that night when the sky is full of stars and we are lying under them feeling the light blowing wind on our cheeks.

Happiness comes on its own when you help somebody wholeheartedly and that very person smiles at you.

It is hidden in that moment when you are lying calm and quiet in your bed after waking up, and thinking about what is next.
It is in the sips of that morning tea which we prepare on our own.

Bliss is there when your mother feeds you after a long time by her own hands which are full of love and care.
It is present there when you are sleeping in embrace of your loved one for a whole night and can feel the sensation and warmth of their love.

It is hidden there when we get together with our best friends after a year or more and enjoy all our gone years in that particular meeting.

We keep on moving ahead in search of that happiness everywhere which in real lies within us and within every small moment of life. We are not bothered about these short but unreasonably blissful and beautiful periods of time. Life has blessed all of us with these small pleasures but most of us are too blind and ignorant towards it which is certainly pathetic. Yearning for the biggest, getting the best of all, excessive enrollment in daily chores etc are some reasons why those utterly beautiful moments are spent unnoticed. Life  is small and these small things which are actually the source of real happiness must be observed and enjoyed otherwise it is no more than a blind race for getting the big.

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