Picture says..



I am a picture and you are the frame,

Even when the picture is at fault, you take the blame.

Your radiant presence keeps the pic alive,

Otherwise life seems no more than a strive.

Having you around  means life is other way round,

Like I am a song and you are the sound.

You give a soul to my beauty,

People say now it is your duty.

I love the way  you hold me safe,

All the time you have been so naive.

This picture is worthless without possessing you outside,

I am the heart and you act like a body beside.

When a frame falls, picture becomes dead,

For the day it leaves, is the day of picture’s end.

The way this frame captured me long enough,

I felt the warmth of its love’s puff.

The only thing It wants from you is to never get apart,

So that the soul remain present in the dead picture’s heart.



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9 responses to “Picture says..

  1. Akanksha

    awesome chars…
    nice composition…:)

  2. nidhi

    wow….lovely lines…

  3. surbhi

    masht … vry nyc …

  4. Raj Agrawal

    only one word …superb!!!!!

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