Hasta la Vista… FACEBOOK

I would like to call it an achievement. Deactivating my Facebook  account is no less than any heroic deed for me. Its like heading towards a new journey. Its been four weeks since I have deleted my Facebook profile.  Before then I was only meditating over

my plans to delete my account. But as usual most of the addicts only think about doing but never actually does, I was also just thinking over it but never took any concrete step. And one day nothing came to my mind, all I did was just press few clicks, gave some idiotic reasons and at last

clicked the option – DEACTIVATE.

After deletion, I  began thinking, what am I actually going to do if not facebooking ? That was the biggest question in  my mind that first week. Although I had enough things to take on but nothing which act like satisfying my addictive needs. The moment I deleted it , I thought nothing but after then I kept thinking for one whole week about what should I supposed to do now? Deliberation was going on in my mind for those one or two weeks. But what was not at all existing in me was any kind of

distress for having deleted it which I used to love from past three years.

This was the positive thing that I calmly realized in the spare time. Gradually I started engaging myself in different activities like reading blogs, articles, recipes ,news, pleasing my near and dear ones, getting again in touch with family members , talking to them listening to them. I was badly addicted by all those Facebook  mannerisms like keep on commenting without having any point in order to make fun of others, the world-famous photo mania, putting extra beautiful display pictures in order to make my profile more fascinating than others and much more minute things that causes some more wastage of time.

Now when I look behind , I see nothing but only how intentionally I was spoiling my everything not only time but also career, interests , hobbies and the most important – Relations. Now I find myself no less than any winner who has come out of that corrupted life or trap and is recovering to set out a new way for an addiction free life. I have no plans  to go back yet and I want to thank god for that. These social communities socialize you so much that your offline presence means your real presence declines severely. Now when I come outside of  my house, my neighbors look at me like they have not seen me from past four years. It makes me realize to what level I was engulfed in those years. The mere thought of this relieves me so much that  I am no more a Facebook addict now. I declare myself great for having done this’ heroic act’ without prior thinking or a pre planned operation. so HASTA LA VISTA FACEBOOK.  😀


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