Desired dreams…

It is said that when a dream shatters, sometimes the pain is unbearable. But still we dream. We dream about love, beauty, career, money etc. Life is futile, monotonous and quite tiresome without this DREAM concept.  Dream – a fanciful world in which man implants  everything as he likes it or desperately wants it to be like that in his real life.  We often bid that as fast as one can , one must accept the reality , the shitty truth  though it’s not wrong.

But just imagine if there remain no more dreams, no desires to be envisioned, how would be life after that? We all know the right answer. When a dream does not change into reality, people often get occupied with despair and deep frustration and sometimes even try to end their lives. Life seems like ending at such phases but actually it is not so. Reality must be accepted and welcomed whether we like it or not. However its undoubtedly painful to get through such days.

Through my blog, I do not intend to advise people to get themselves drowned  in some fantasy and do not effort for making real life better. What I want to convey is just do not stop dreaming about your desires because without it life would be  horrible and entirely loathsome. It is only dreams that make life worth living and beautiful though for a short period. Reality is ugly but dreams provide colours to life and give the heavenly bliss. So keep DREAMING..:)


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