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Impact of movies

At anytime you get gloomy of your own story, watch another one. That is surely gonna change your mind , your mood, your depressing thoughts. I have done it many a time. Whenever I be affected with loneliness, instability, exhausted ,diffused, I watch movies. It actuates me to concentrate in one direction.

My brother often tells me that whatsoever we watch and read influences our minds a lot. But  I never took it profoundly. However sometime ago, I realized it as quite undeniable. Things we watch, we read, somewhere impact our mind too much whether we feel it or not. Few days before I saw an update on Facebook related to movies which was something  like this;

“Romantic movies are responsible to ruin relationships as they gives impractical expectations to women about what they should look for”.

Then I felt that yes it is indeed true. Our romantic thoughts , ideas, theories are all derived from movies and songs.

Movies came out as an extremely good pastime for me. It lasts its impression on our minds and sometimes we develop a thought over it unknowingly. It incites thoughts, fashion sense,  talking, dreams and so many of things in different manners. Movies can make you forget how much lonely you are, how much anyone is bugging you and your thoughts, how intensely you are missing any one, how much pissed off you are or whatever. I believe a good movie can totally change the aura for at least a day. It makes you lost in it leaving rest of the disappointing features of your life.


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