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Benefits of being a girl in today’s world

Being mocked by several poets in literature, lyricists in songs and subjected to a lot more mental and lifestyle pressures than men in this male dominated world sometimes emphasize me to write something consenting about womanhood. So here follows some boons that can only and only be enjoyed being a girl:

1. No severe punishments:- Girls are never penalized with any severe punishments as far as I know and experienced. I had always found a huge partiality in favor of girls. Boys are often tortured by means like beating them by heavy sticks on their ass, 20-30 continuous rounds of the whole big playground etc while girls are left with a little ear pinch or a strike upon head and sometimes just giving a warning. ;-D

2. Ladies first:- Everyone of us must have heard of this phrase -” ladies first”. Being a girl or a woman we often enjoy this particularly special right when standing in a queue or waiting in a crowded train or bus for a vacant seat. This is a fully known point that the vacant seat must be given to a lady first If there is any. And If  unfortunately any idiot ( obviously a man) doesn’t follow the acclaimed rule then he must get ready to be embarrassed by the co-travelers.

3. Emotional blackmail :- This is again something can only be done If you are a girl. Being in a relationship sometimes there are few demands that we want to be fulfilled by our partners at any cost, whether they want to or not. Trust me this emotional blackmailing is the strongest weapon of girls to get that demand fulfilled. We can cry and can give some emotional reasons on our part and the next party ( the boy) has to surrender. This is something popularly known as – “Emotional attyachar” .

4. Make-up and dressing :- Unlike boys we can enhance our natural beauty by applying a little make-up and can conceal our zits and other minute skin disorders by some small trick. I can bet no boy can look as beautiful as much as a girl looks in a girl’s dress whereas a girl can easily look more playful and cute than a guy even in a guy’s outfit.  Moreover all over the world, markets are more filled with the choices and varieties  of girls garments instead of boys. We can wear more cute accessories , can try several new hairstyles in comparison with boys. ( This is one of my favorite benefit).

5. Considerable amount of legal provisions and privileges for safety of women :- Our legal system and constitution is full of such laws that are mend in order to protect ladies , the so called ‘Abla nari’. In any case, women can enjoy more freedom and privileges in proportion with men. Girls are always more pampered than boys when there comes a case of breaking any rule.

6. Free facilities from someone special :- It’s the very best thing for girls engaged in some love relationship that they can enjoy free drinks, free dinners, free recharge etc all because of a bounded character i.e their so-called boyfriend. They don’t have to worry about their expenses sometimes. Hope u got the point. 😛

7. We are not MEN :- I am not going to explain this point as who would wanna be a boy after considering the above facts. Every girl is going to love herself more just because she is a Girl. <3



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Do we ever consider a new thought?

2010 has become past and everywhere people are graciously welcoming the new year. How much we love new things ?  All of us perpetually cherish new year, new decade, new day, new starting.

Okay let’s have another example, something  ordinary like a new outfit, a new gadget, a new flat. We greatly relish these newly made and occurred things. This point cannot be argued , for it is a recognized thing.

With reference to India , I would like to bring forth my point of view that we consistently welcome new things whatsoever it is and has nothing to do with our old fusty thoughts, customs and traditions. But do we ever care about considering a new viewpoint that pulls up our outdated and backward beliefs and myths. We people often restrict ourselves in our alleged boundaries of religion, castes and regions. People are still executing actions in accordance with their orthodoxies. Whenever a new undeniable and flawless idea strikes them , they discard it with their wacky and absurd reasons which is ridiculous.

Now it is us  who can bring about a radical change. Still most of us do not give a damn about it. Everyone shakes off reasoning that ” We  cannot change the whole world alone.” But certainly If anyone keenly desires to see the change then a single person can revolutionize the whole world. History is full of such examples. Unfortunately We are least concerned to stop chasing such meaningless conventions. Most of us talk of bringing the change, welcoming new concepts and condemning old rituals but only a few out of all cut the crap and open the door to a new progressive society.

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