I am a Chatterbox , when given a chance. And not only me, this whole World, when  I think broadly  seems to me a chatterbox. The Social Networking sites which were developed to stay in touch with our near and dear ones have been turned into Chat Rooms , though there are separate chat rooms. People say they are deeply engrossed in their  busy schedules  that they hardly get idle time to talk or to be in touch.

But still the increasing popularity and use of these chat rooms, Networking Sites, Less call rates plans , Free SMS schemes etc ensures that people today spend a lot of time in gossiping and chatting despite of being extremely busy.

I am myself  so much into this chatting business. I am often scolded and advised by my parents to not to be of so much talkative nature. Well I don’t think any one can stay silent for more than 2 or 3 hours at least I am not the one. It’s not like that I am aimless or have nothing at all to pursue, Of course I do have . And I have strained every nerve to keep distance from such useless chatting and gossips but  failed badly..;-\

It’s a fact though not well-known but It is in  human nature that every one no matter how much busy they are, needs somebody to convey and confide in his day-to-day happenings.

According to me, the main reason behind my being a chatter box is my loneliness. Sitting alone for long hours and without spelling a word creates an inner urge that drives me to call my friends , join some forum or initiate any chat. In spite of taking many preventive measures against it, I haven’t been able to cure it yet.



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2 responses to “WORLD OF CHATTERS

  1. Akanksha

    i like it yaar….
    i liked ur words choice…..
    its nice….
    representing d truth of 21st century…..

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