Perfectionists are rare to find, but here, I am not talking about an all-round person, but of a stage or level of perfection that one must attain in his or her field.  I am an Arts  student, doing my masters in Literature,  somehow felt a need of some regular guidance in my subject.  My father told me about a teacher of his time.  He made me agree with the idea of joining him as my tutor. My father told me about how popular his teaching is and tried to convince me with his opinion. Somehow I was still not assured inside about my ‘ Yes ‘ to him.

My father approached him as soon as he got me agreed to him. It was not like that  I had not heard about him or so , I knew he was an esteemed lecturer but I was in doubt about his teaching skills or you can say my understanding. 😐

On my first day, just after having a glance of him,  I went in my deep thoughts and wondered, If  I really could be able to grab anything of whatsoever he will be teaching in class, as he was quite aged. Actually within few moments , I started repenting of opting him as my tutor.

And there,  he was sitting on his chair and I mumbled “ohh no! How could he teach ? He is so old”. With an expressionless face , he asked me to have a seat in his class. He didn’t ask my name or my qualification or anything else.  I was feeling strange, a little uneasy and  full of doubts about his teaching. When he started reading again, I was actually figuring out the number of days,  I would take to understand whatever he is going to teach us. Somewhere in my mind, I was preoccupied by several queries like – How could he teach in this age of above sixty-five (that is a guess) ? Would I be able to get his pronunciation ? I was so damn confused about his  distinguished teaching. But then I ordered myself to stop thinking idiotically and should at least concentrate once on whatever he is telling.

I still do not believe that within five minutes, he made me understood the characters, the scene he was explaining to us of some third act of Shakespeare’s  “OTHELLO” (It’s hard to catch up the scene when u start from the middle of any play).  After studying for a whole week,  I realized the depth of Literature which I never understood in the past five years.

It was his perfection and dedication that makes him unusual and known. The way he explains , the way he reads, the way he summarizes each aspect minutely, makes his teaching excellent and differentiate him from the bunch of so-called ” English tutors”. He is a perfectionist in his field . Whenever I see him, I feel great and honored to be a student of one of his batch.

So I would like to dedicate my first blog to him.



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  1. Akanksha

    liked ur way of xplaing this….

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